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Brand Protection Is a Team Sport

Employees across the enterprise have an interest in protecting revenue, maintaining brand integrity, and safeguarding the company’s reputation. Brandjacking, brand impersonation, brand infringement, counterfeit and pirated goods—these are not marketing problems or legal problems or even IT problems, but rather profound threats to your brand equity and your overall business. 

Of course, there are no organizations that have unlimited resources to fend off or enforce against the many threats to brands in the online realm. And the task of safeguarding your brand is not getting any easier; app stores and marketplaces continue to proliferate, piracy and content platforms become increasingly sophisticated, and even the legitimate uses of your brand in app stores and marketplaces regularly multiply. 

So, what’s a company to do? And what is your role within the organization to protect the brand in the face of ongoing threats and attacks on so many fronts?