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Digital Entertainment and Publishing

Mobile apps are now a key battleground in the fight against ubiquitous pirated content. Movies, TV shows, ebooks, video games, songs, works of art—all are subject to unauthorized distribution, given the ease with which digital content can be replicated and disseminated through peer-to-peer channels. This pirated content is often made available for free; the revenue loss for your company is potentially enormous. Our approach can best be described as a one/two punch: first, we take down the offending app that provides the gateway to pirated content. Next, we trace the content back to its original source and work to take down that site as well. Sometimes, however, pirated content can be distributed through legitimate channels. To cope with this endemic problem, companies turn to AppDetex to constantly monitor distribution channels, applying a global perspective as we watch content move from one place to the next, and then root out the illicit activity at its source.