Meeting Your Brand’s Unique Needs

AppDetex’s innovative leadership and personalized service combined with powerful next-generation technology and flexible workflows make us the choice for some of the world’s largest brands and mobile app companies. No matter your role or need, our comprehensive suite of online brand protection services including intellectual property management and domain monitoring can help you protect your brands and clients.

Brand Holders

No matter your industry or what function you work in, you’re collaborating across the company to collect and manage online threats to your business.

AppDetex brand protection solutions are flexibly designed to meet your needs whether you’re upgrading from manual tracking and email-based takedowns, or you’re an expert using other online brand protection and enforcement tools.

  • Industry-leading search combined with powerful features to identify, assess, manage, and monitor online threats exceed our customers’ previous expectations
  • Deep onboarding to understand your brand’s unique ecosystem of partners, customers, competitors and threats help improve the ratio of ‘signal to noise” as soon as you go live
  • Detailed search criteria and workflow configuration to match your evaluation and takedown process
  • Built-in collaboration features such as tagging, tracking, and staging make working with your internal or managed services team simple and efficient
  • Industry-leading search
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Efficient workflow and collaboration
  • Unmatched service and expertise
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Domain Managers

With the proliferation of gTLDs, ccTLDs, custom and new gTLDs, you can no longer defensively buy them all. AppDetex domain monitoring services make domain name research, monitoring, and management of hundreds of new and legacy TLDs easier than ever, for even the largest portfolios.

Use the dashboard to see a daily log of added, deleted and modified domains under your monitored keywords and phrases, or simply have our team customize alerts to let you get back to your important work. With our domain monitoring services, you can also whitelist domains that are already in your scope, so you can focus on the items that need your attention.

  • Advanced search
  • Configurable alerts
  • Case management and takedown portal
They are innovative and getting in advance of things like new gTLDs.
Trademark, Copyright and Domain Manager, Fortune 500 Company