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Dangers Lurk in the Mobile App Realm

Your brand faces countless threats in the mobile app space: copycat apps, logo abuse, and piracy, to name a few. Protecting your brand requires both ongoing vigilance and rapid-response action. AppDetex enables your company to be on guard and on the offensive whenever brand infringement occurs in the mobile app space.  

AppDetex’s advanced search technology allows brand holders to reduce risks of intellectual property disputes for branded apps before launch and quickly identify and expose mobile apps that jeopardize a company’s brand equity.

Our always-on monitoring tools ensure that customers are notified if an app is launched or modified by a rogue publisher. Our Managed Services Group offers skilled experts who can quickly prepare and transmit the communications required to take down apps that are infringing on trademarks.

Our customized solutions can help your company with any phase or aspect of the never-ending battle to protect your brand: