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Knocking Down the Knock-Off Peddlers Around the Globe

The advent of big e-commerce platforms has been a boon to buyers and sellers alike. However, the same speed and ease of use that enabled unprecedented product distribution and consumer choice has also created a counterfeit and gray market explosion. International counterfeiters immediately began accessing innumerable and often unsuspecting consumers around the world. Seller anonymity, the absence of effective legislation, and the lack of accountability in even reputable e-commerce platforms favors criminals, disadvantages brand owners, and contributes to the reality of a counterfeit bonanza estimated to cost $650 billion each year.

What to do?  Ignoring the problem leads to potential revenue and reputation loss, customer confusion, product recalls and consumer safety issues. 

AppDetex will be your partner in this daunting but necessary pursuit, offering leading-edge technology and experienced and dedicated analysts to help you navigate the countless online back alleys and marketplaces where pirates and counterfeiters lurk.

AppDetex’s mission is to contain counterfeit proliferation by preventing substandard products from reaching well-intentioned consumers in affluent but high-risk geographies. Enforcement is undertaken to suppress counterfeit product availability on key marketplaces, but it is the derivative data from consistent enforcement that is often most valuable to our clients. Well-curated enforcement data about recidivist sellers and duplicitous marketplace policies, combined with link analysis, fosters storefront accountability, disrupts or helps remove key perpetrators from marketplaces, and provides actionable intelligence to investigators, law enforcement agencies, and litigators.

We’ve taken our years of experience and built our marketplace solution from the ground up. Some of our critical features are:

  • Sophisticated Listing Attribute Profiling:  Authentic attributes for each product are entered into the system both programmatically as well as by your brand analyst. AppDetex provides a higher signal-to-noise ratio of listings, including false positive mitigations, leading to greater analyst throughput and, ultimately, faster takedowns.
  • Robust Case Management System: Led by dedicated and experienced brand analysts, AppDetex provides full visibility into investigative efforts with a simple and efficient workflow for approving enforcements and communicating with your analyst.
  • Trending and Analysis Dashboard:  AppDetex provides a full history of actions, lifecycle of listings from discovery to enforcement, revenue leakage before and after enforcement efforts, recidivist sellers and much more. Our data will empower you to focus your efforts on what's important to your needs and business problems, regardless of whether it is one product or marketplace or the whole e-commerce industry.