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Managed Services

Our Managed Services department helps you protect your brand in the mobile app arena by handling monitoring and enforcement duties on your behalf. AppDetex’s array of Managed Services includes forensic tools, enforcement takedowns, and investigative reports.

Forensic Tools

AppDetex’s brand protection analysts use a variety of complex in-house developed system tools to capture information from downloaded apps that might be affecting a brand’s reputation or equity.  AppDetex can provide you with the information to understand an app's user behavior, permissions, external host communication, advertising, and publisher information.


AppDetex’s fully managed brand protection solution offers efficient and effective case management of the takedown process, leading to swifter resolution. Our customer service managers handle the submission of complaints or cease-and-desist letters, follow up with app stores or publishers to resolve pending matters, and document actions every step of the way so clients can regularly review progress.  This hands on approach gives clients the peace of mind to know that their brand is being protected.

Investigative Reports

AppDetex’s investigative reports aggregate data from AppDetex's search, forensic tools and takedown efforts.  The reports provide clients with a host of information displayed in a format that can be used to support a client's enforcement and litigation.