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Look Before You Leap with FreeMark

Services. Products. Brands. Logos. Apps. They all begin with an idea—an idea that is often conceived, developed, shaped, refined, and ultimately launched by various team members across multiple areas (R&D, marketing, legal). Because bringing an idea to market demands so much of your company’s resources, you should always survey the complex app store landscape to uncover apps that resemble your brand or design before you publish. Otherwise, you may end up in a costly intellectual property battle. 

Brand holders have traditionally relied on legal teams to research marks to determine their strength. With the exponential growth of mobile apps, this research must now span app stores around the world.

Our FreeMark clearance solution enables you to take inventory of the mobile space and reduce risks associated with mobile branding initiatives by uncovering similar design and word marks already in use on app stores. 

  • Detailed Intelligent Search: Conduct an extensive search across multiple platforms using text or image marks. Wildcard search functionality allows you to uncover similar marks.
  • Image Recognition Search: Scan millions of images with the click of a button and uncover similarities with existing products, services, and companies.
  • Editing and Management: Filter and prioritize results based on your specific needs.
  • Multiple Viewing Formats: A user-friendly interface allows you to vet your design and marks across the most extensive aggregated database on the market today.
  • Extensive Analytics and Reporting: Customize reports and share insights with team members.