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24/7 Brand Protection Services for Apps

Our brand protection services allow the brand holder to monitor and detect infringing activity around the clock. Once rogue activities are discovered, our software tracks and monitors the suspicious app or publisher, with enforcement initiation only a click away. Sometimes our clients prefer that their own legal departments use our tools and tracking platforms to monitor and take action against infringement activities. Other clients prefer to turn over the heavy lifting to our Managed Services group. Available as standalone solutions or as part of a package, AppDetex offerings include:

Targeted, Advanced Search Technology

AppDetex’s sophisticated app platform search and parsing engine, together with proprietary filtering algorithm, quickly identify questionable apps that may be infringing on your brand across all major app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows, and Amazon) as well as over 100+ third party app stores.  AppDetex's search module allows brand holders to also search reviews and images/designs.


AppDetex monitors the major app stores 24/7 for any changes to an app’s metadata. Watch your own apps, partner or affiliate apps, or third-party apps for any changes or updates. A change log is stored by the system for clients’ future reference and review.


AppDetex’s PublisherWatch™ function allows companies to monitor rogue publishers in the app stores. We will alert brand holders daily when an app publisher uploads a new app or removes an app in any of the app stores.

Case Management Portal

AppDetex’s Case Management Portal assists clients that have internal enforcement teams allowing for complete case management, from evaluation through the entire enforcement process. With document tracking, a comprehensive case management system, and cease-and-desist template letters, the Portal gives brand holders an indispensable tool to assist in-house teams in their enforcement efforts.  Some of the features of the Portal include: i) whitelist capabilities; ii) group assignments; iii) labeling; iv) archive, staging and review functionalities.

Brand Track®

AppDetex’s flagship service, Brand Track® report, checks for newly added apps that contain keywords and logos that you specify. Brand holders are immediately notified when a new app with the brand name or keyword appears in search results. With our advanced search capabilities, a Brand Track® report can be as general as a simple keyword or can drill down into a highly refined set of criteria.


AppDetex offers an efficient case management solution to take down offending apps with speed and ease. Once an infringing app is identified, brand holders can manage their enforcement needs through our portal or simply have our Managed Services department handle the submission of any complaints or cease-and-desist letters. Our Customer Service Managers will follow up with app stores and publishers to resolve pending matters. All matters will be tracked and managed for regular review by AppDetex clients.

Trends and Analysis

AppDetex provides a sophisticated dashboard that gives a quick snapshot of the status of a client's ongoing enforcement efforts in the major app stores.  Clients can view the state of their mobile presence and numerous metrics related to their workflow and enforcement activities.