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Throwing the Book at Illegal Distributors of a Bestselling Novel

Consumers who own smart phones spend roughly 80% of their device time using downloaded apps. Piracy of popular entertainment content on the Internet represents a significant revenue drain on the industry. In order to keep up with the demand for mobile entertainment media...

Gaming Company Pulls Plug on Copycat Apps and Lost Sales

Mobile gaming apps are some of the most popular apps in app stores. The mobile gaming industry, one segment of the mobile entertainment industry, made over $70 billion in 2014, outselling PC and console games...

Franchisor Manages Brand Compliance of Franchisee Apps

More than 60% of adult Americans own smartphones today. Of those who use their phones to access the Internet, a full third primarily use their mobile device–not their computer.

Financial Service Brand Manager Stops Rogue Apps in Their Tracks

The four major app stores (Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon) are home to over 4 million apps and growing by the hour. A number of apps in these stores are copycat apps—apps that mimic the look and feel of a legitimate app or brand.