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State of the App Industry

As companies with strong consumer brands work to establish their niche in the app marketplace, they’re likely employing best practices and focusing on providing quality content and services for their customers. And there’s a lot of money to be made. Find out how bad actors could be taking advantage of your App’s IP, or even its API.

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 Five Requirements For Choosing a Mobile App Management & Monitoring System

With the explosion of smart devices, owners are now awash in (and highly dependent on) mobile apps for their day to day activities. Rogue app publishers have seized the opportunity to leverage the names of some of the most popular trademarks and brands in an effort to increase downloads for their own apps, or worse, to defraud.   Find out what five requirements you should look for when selecting a mobile app management and monitoring system.

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“The Slants, A Conversation with Simon Tam”

Listen in as  AppDetex sits down with Simon Tam to discuss in depth his struggle to get his case in front of the US Supreme Court and how that case is reshaping trademark law.

“The Slants, A Conversation with Simon Tam”