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Cut out nefarious apps.

Secure the authenticity of your customers’ experience within mobile app stores.

Why Appdetex Mobile Apps

Quickly identify nefarious apps on all major app stores and third-party app stores.

Fast, efficient detection and removal of brand abuse found within app stores.

Continuously monitor apps and publishers to ensure offenses do not reoccur or resurface.

We’re here for you.

We couple a robust technology platform with a team of experienced industry experts to rapidly detect, analyze, and remove questionable apps.

  • Mitigate issues like brand impersonation and spoofing aimed at your customers.
  • Search leading and third-party stores to identify potential threats and perpetrators.
  • Monitor elements including publisher info, downloads, title, description and more.

Rely on the best-of-the-best.

Our Brand Security technology and expert managed services professionals monitor leading and third-party app stores, updating and indexing data, to identify misuse and misrepresentation quickly and take swift action.

Key highlights

Broad global coverage and detection.

We monitor leading mobile app stores like Google Play, the Apple Store and the Amazon App Store as well as third-party stores.

Continuous monitoring

Our services work around the clock, examining elements such as publisher info, downloads, titles, descriptions and more to identify new and unknown abuse.

Keeping an eye on the bad guys.

We keep tabs on previously detected abuses and offenders to help prevent recidivism.

Advanced analytics and visualization.

In-product dashboards and reports provide a central location to view and analyze up-to-date information, so you can monitor and measure metrics throughout the day.

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