Ensure authenticity in marketplaces.

Ensure the authenticity of your product within global marketplaces.

Why Appdetex Marketplaces

Quickly identify misuse of company trademarks, questionable product listings, and questionable sellers.

Comprehensive knowledge of major market takedown policies to ensure rapid compliance.

Powerful partner in the battle to curb the sale of illicit goods.

Custom tailored support of each marketplace to ensure proper handling of nuances.

We’re here for you.

Built for the ultimate coverage in anti-counterfeiting efforts, our solution helps identify suspicious listings and take them down.

  • Centralized interface allows for quick and easy access to instances of abuse, trends, analytics, remediation status and more.
  • Fast and efficient removal of infringing listings.
  • Custom-crafted protocols designed for each individual marketplace.
  • Ability to curb future issues through continued monitoring and reporting.

Rely on the best-of-the-best.

Our core technology and experienced professionals work with your brand protection and legal teams to deliver programs that protect your brands and your customers.

Key highlights

Broad global coverage and detection.

We monitor leading marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and more.

Continuous monitoring.

Our system works around the clock to identify new and unknown abuse.

Keeping an eye on the bad guys.

The system keeps tabs on previously detected abuses to ensure there is no recidivism.

Advanced analytics and visualization.

In-product dashboards and reports provide a central location to view and analyze up-to-date metrics, so you can monitor and measure information continually.

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