Domains & Websites

Stop fake domains and sites.

Identify and remediate brand infringement within website content and domain names.

Why Appdetex Domains & Websites

Quickly identify domain squatting, brand infringing domain names, and infringement within website content.

Fast, efficient detection and removal of brand abuse in new and legacy gTLDs as well as ccTLDs.

Continuously monitor zone files and web page content to ensure offenses do not reoccur or resurface.

We’re here for you.

We couple a robust technology platform with our team of industry experts to define and custom craft programs to protect your brand within domain names and websites.

  • Ability to conduct deep website scans.
  • Ability to monitor for infringing domain names, content and more.
  • Ability to look at DNS, zone files WHOIS changes and other domain-related signals.
  • Shut down issues at the source.

Rely on the best-of-the-best.

Our core technology and experienced managed services professionals work side-by-side with our customers’ brand protection and legal teams to deliver measurable results for you and your brand.

Key highlights

Broad global coverage and detection.

We monitor gTLD, ngTLD, and ccTLDs for infringing domain names, infringing content and more.

Continuous monitoring.

Our system works around the clock, continuously monitoring zone files, DNS, WHOIS and website content for data changes, as well as new and unknown abuse.

Keeping an eye on the bad guys.

The system keeps tabs on previously detected abuses to ensure there is no recidivism. We also provide alerts when there are questionable changes to website content.

Advanced analytics and visualization.

In-product dashboards and reports provide a central location to view and analyze up-to-date information, so you can monitor and measure metrics continually.

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