Brand Security

Building resilient brands online to increase sales, customer satisfaction, digital traffic, and brand loyalty.

Why Appdetex Brand Security

uncover abuse

Find known and unknown bad actors and uncover their abuse networks and ecosystems.

comprehensive view

Gain a central, comprehensive view of brand abuse across multiple channels.

remove abuse

Rapidly remediate and remove abuse and with greater efficiency.

optimize your returns

Optimize your returns on mobile, social, and other digital marketing efforts.


Lower costs associated with ad spend.

improve revenues

Improve online sales and revenues.

enhance customer experiences

Enhance customer experiences, satisfaction, and loyalty.

We’re here for you.

Built for the ultimate coverage in anti-counterfeiting efforts, our solution helps identify suspicious listings and take them down.

  • Centralized interface allows for quick and easy access to instances of abuse, trends, analytics, remediation status and more.
  • Fast and efficient removal of infringing listings.
  • Custom-crafted protocols designed for each individual marketplace.
  • Ability to curb future issues through continued monitoring and reporting.

Rely on the best-of-the-best.

Appdetex Tracer™ makes us unique within the brand protection space. With the ability to ingest, normalize, synthesize, and correlate multiple datasets, it helps to connect the digital dots to better identify abuse, abusers, and the criminal networks they rely on.

brand security platform

Key highlights

Multi-channel coverage and correlation.

Discover and remove abuse across all major online channels and correlate the data between them.

Risk data scanning.

Spans and scans global digital channels and DNS records and captures data, signals, and indicators of abuse to help detect brand abuse systematically, quickly and efficiently.

Centralized workflow management.

Track and monitor the status of your brand protection program from the initial identification of the threat through enforcement.

Analytics and visualization.

Monitor and measure metrics continually with in-product dashboards and reports.

Bulk takedown submissions.

Protect your brand with a wide range of options to take down violations and abuse quickly and efficiently.

Start securing your brand today.

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