digital fingerprint

See what you’re missing.

A patent-pending, investigation and correlation technology.

Brand abuse is systemic.

The most problematic offenders are organized bad actors who launch networks of abuse across multiple digital channels.

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Stat-More than 45%

The power of automation.

Gain Understanding

Understand the behaviors and tactics of bad actors.

Reduce Searches

Reduce laborious searches and unmanageable spreadsheets to track infringements.

Find Abuse

Find brand abuse the naked eye and other solution providers miss.

Appdetex Tracer(R)

Uncover hidden problems

Bad actors are experts at obscuring the entirety of their abuse schemes. This short video shows you how Appdetex Tracer® allows you to find and remove stealthy abuse networks.

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Key highlights

key highlight

Advanced Digital Tracing™.

Detects, analyzes, and correlates the unseen fingerprints left behind by bad actors.

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Trace Graphs and Trace Tables.

Examine data in graph and tabular formats to aid in investigative research.

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Multi-channel Correlation.

Correlate both online and offline data to find abuse other providers won’t find.

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Proprietary scoring algorithms quantify connections and help prioritize where and what to investigate first.

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