AppDetex Offers Marketplaces, its Novel Anti-Counterfeiting Solution for Brands

A data management platform that combines linking analysis, machine learning and integrated enforcement to produce quantifiable counterfeit listing reduction.


AppDetex today released Marketplaces 2.0, its brand protection solution to aid in the discovery and removal of online counterfeit product listings. AppDetex’s discovery methodologies produce comprehensive, relevant, and prioritized results, which dramatically reduces required analyst review. With targeted discovery along with superior case management, AppDetex’s Marketplaces solution promotes suppression of recidivist offenders and expedites the takedown process.

“Counterfeiting is not a new problem,” notes Chris Bura, CTO of AppDetex, “What was once considered simply an issue in high-end consumer goods, is now a concern in every product category – pharmaceuticals, clothing, media, food, household goods, ingredients, software, hardware – counterfeit activity is occurring in every area you can imagine.”

From 2014 to 2015 the U.S. e-commerce sales rose 14.6%, marking the 6th year in a row that e-commerce has grown by approximately 15%. Rogue sellers are taking the counterfeit game to the next level, leveraging online auction sites, social media and fake storefronts to prey upon consumers looking to find a lower price, a better selection, even those looking to avoid the hassle of a traditional brick and mortar shopping experience.

The growth of the counterfeit market is just one issue. Adds Bura, “Annually, counterfeiting is expanding by more than 15%, with mitigation costs in the billions of dollars.” Counterfeit and gray market products cost companies revenue, brand reputation and security. As spurious merchandise infiltrates every product sector – from batteries to baby food – consumer safety also becomes a top concern.

Given the explosive growth, brands need smarter software and veteran program managers. Otherwise, it’s good money after bad and a perpetuation of the whack-a-mole concept. And that’s where the Marketplaces solution comes in – to deliver measurable impact to brands quickly and affordably. Moreover, AppDetex’s Marketplaces solution records seller signatures and sees through the anonymity and multiple aliases to close in on top sellers who are disproportionately responsible for massive transactional volume.

Currently, AppDetex monitors many of the most trafficked domestic and international marketplaces with the ability to add additional platforms upon request.

About AppDetex Through industry leading search and discovery, constant monitoring, meticulous case management, comprehensive reporting, and swift and effective enforcement, AppDetex helps some of the most recognizable brands in the world reduce consumer confusion, brand dilution and fraud while protecting reputations, credibility, and company bottom line.