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Register, trace, and enforce your intellectual property in the modern digital universe.

brand abuse networks

Disable brand abuse networks.

With the power of Appdetex Tracer®, our Appdetex® Brand Security Platform™ is able to find and take down the most stubborn and stealth networks that are built to profit off your brand.

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Unmatched Analytics.

Sophisticated technology and data-analytics enables you to prioritize and stop the most problematic abuse. Dashboards, graphs, tables, and reports of your online and offline data delivers a complete picture of the abuse.

keyword matching, image recognition, data correlation, machine learning

Appdetex® Brand Security Platform™

Designed for enterprise scalability, enterprise stability, and flexibility, the Appdetex Brand Security Platform is designed to secure even the most targeted brands.

digital fingerprint

Appdetex Tracer®

Helps connect the digital dots to better identify abuse, abusers, and the criminal networks they rely on. It’s capable of ingesting, normalizing, synthesizing, correlating, and enriching multiple data sets, so we can stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

multi-channel coverage

Multi-channel coverage and correlation

Discover and remove abuse within mobile apps, social media, domains and websites, marketplaces, search engines as well as correlate the data between them.

risk data scanning

Risk data scanning

Brand Track® uses advanced search capabilities to find the most relevant and malicious brand abuse across popular digital channels.

centralized workflow management

Centralized workflow management

Track and monitor the status of your brand security program from the initial identification of the threat through enforcement.

analytics and visualization

Analytics and visualization

Take advantage of keyword matching, image recognition, data correlation and machine learning for in-depth analysis. Dashboards, graphs, tables and reports let you monitor, analyze and visualize data easily.

bulk takedown submissions

Bulk takedown submissions

We offer a wide range of options to remediate violations and abuse from within and outside of our platform in order to save time and decrease the effort needed to protect your brand.

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