Securing your brand.

When you aren’t having to worry about fakes, impersonators, and other threats to your brand in the digital world — you’re free to build customer trust, increase sales, customer satisfaction, digital traffic, and brand loyalty.

Big brands. Big targets.

The more recognized the brand, the more targeted the brand. Cybercriminals masquerade as your brand and appear within the digital destinations your customers frequent, relying on customer confusion to perpetrate their crimes. As a result, brands transform from valuable to vulnerable in a matter of clicks.

Disable brand abuse networks.

With the power of Appdetex Tracer™, our Appdetex Brand Security platform is able to find and take down sophisticated networks built to hijack your brand and create confusion to profit off your value.

Brand Track™ uses advanced search capabilities that can be a simple keyword search or a highly refined set of criteria. It checks for brand abuse across multiple digital channels that incorporate your trademarks or specified keywords. Brand holders are immediately notified when matches are found.

The Appdetex Brand Security Platform

Designed for enterprise scalability, enterprise stability, and flexibility, the Appdetex Brand Security platform is designed to secure even the most targeted brands.

Appdetex Tracer™

Helps connect the digital dots to better identify abuse, abusers, and the criminal networks they rely on. It’s capable of ingesting, normalizing, synthesizing, correlating, and enriching multiple data sets, so we can stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Multi-channel coverage and correlation

Discover and remove abuse within mobile apps, social media, domains and websites, marketplaces, search engines as well as correlate the data between them.

Risk data scanning

Our risk data system spans and scans global digital channels, DNS records and captures data, signals and indicators of abuse to help detect brand abuse systematically, quickly and efficiently.

Centralized workflow management

Track and monitor the status of your brand security program from the initial identification of the threat through enforcement.

Analytics and visualization

Dashboards and reports provide a central location to view and analyze up-to-date information, enabling users to monitor and measure metrics continually throughout the day.

Bulk takedown submissions

We offer a wide range of options to remediate violations and abuse from within and outside of our platform in order to save time and decrease the effort needed to protect your brand.

Start securing your brand today.

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