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Leading in Innovation and Service

AppDetex’s online brand monitoring products are all built on a platform of robust search, including cutting-edge image recognition developed in conjunction with leading university computer science specialists. We bring the largest pool of potential online brand threats into the system, and then proprietary algorithms and rules get to work to reduce the noise and benign incidents to allow you to focus on just the most important and risky occurrences.


In a Post-GDPR World

Corporate Registrar Program

Forward thinking companies are becoming registrars to better manage and control their own domain name portfolios. AppDetex’s Corporate Registrar Platform is uniquely designed to help you protect your most valuable online assets.

AppDetex’s secure, state of the art software helps you protect your domain name portfolio with leading-edge security software to secure, control, and manage your domain portfolio. Our expert team helps you through the registrar accreditation process and as well as the implementation of the software.

  • Registrations
  • Transfers
  • Renewals
  • Assignments
  • Contact updates
  • TLD-specific requirements
  • Optimize for aggressive to defensive strategy
  • Full suite of gTLD and ccTLD services
  • Maximum security protocols


Seller anonymity, lack of effective legislation, and absence of accountability in even reputable e-commerce platforms contribute to a counterfeit bonanza estimated at $650 billion each year.

AppDetex’s Marketplaces is designed to help contain the spread of counterfeit goods by preventing substandard products from reaching well-intentioned consumers who are just “looking for a deal.”

Our unique detailed seller data helps you link rings of sellers and their associated multiple seller names as well as repeat offenders, in order to remove perpetrators from the marketplace. This detailed information which includes link analysis, is actionable intelligence for copyright protection that lets you as well as litigators and law enforcement agencies take real action.

  • Sophisticated seller profiling
  • Robust case management
  • Trending and analysis dashboard

Mobile Apps

Identifying, assessing, and acting on mobile apps across multiple app stores in a global environment is getting tougher and tougher. AppDetex’s Mobile Apps brand monitoring and IP protection solution is the innovative product that started it all.

AppDetex’s search and parsing engine, together with our proprietary filtering algorithm, quickly identify questionable apps across all major app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows, and Amazon) as well as over 100+ third party app stores. You can then monitor either individual apps or publishers even if you don’t take action.

But taking action is where AppDetex shines even brighter. Use the robust Case Management Portal to collaborate with other users to queue, review, and make decisions, then use the integrated takedown tools to quickly and easily submit your app store takedowns, even in bulk.

  • Search worldwide app stores
  • Flexible workflow
  • Fast and efficient takedowns
  • App and publisher monitoring

Social Media

The proliferation of social media platforms and the profiles and paid advertising that go with them are a new threat to brands. You have to track look-alike sites as well as unauthorized use of your marks- even if it sometimes means taking a close look at those fan pages.

AppDetex makes copyright protection easier by searching (multiple) social media platforms profiles and public posts for indications of your brand, and surfaces them in an easy to assess format. You’ll always get the great management and enforcement portal that makes taking action as easy as posting a selfie.

  • Powerful search
  • Many social media platforms
  • Monitoring and enforcement


There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web today. Brand holders thankfully don’t have to be concerned with all of them, but you do have to search a lot of ground to try to discover and assess unauthorized use of your logos, digital content or other proprietary images or phrases.

Like our other products, AppDetex simplifies the process of identifying, assessing, enforcing, and monitoring the Internet for improper or even outdated uses of your brand. This detailed and exportable data allows you to issue a range of actions, from a reminder to a partner or customer, all the way to legal action for repeat or egregious offenders.

  • Expansive search, including image recognition
  • Exportable reports
  • Import your templates for easy enforcement

Domain Track™

Domain Track’s innovative proactive domain portfolio protection helps prevent brand-hijackers from misdirecting your hard-earned traffic.

DomainTrack uniquely evaluates the content of any live sites on tracked domain keywords as well as the domain-holder. This proprietary process allows you to easily and quickly identify real infringements without spending time on low-risk targets.

Providing transparency into more than 182 million registered domains, the system allows you to view variations of your domain names in each extension as well as a daily list of domain names that have been removed or modified. Monitoring bulk additions, modifications and deletions help you quickly identify and manage developing situations before cybersquatters have a chance to do you harm.

  • Powerful fuzzy and wildcard search logic
  • Targeted content monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring and configurable alerts

Managed Services

AppDetex’s experienced and professional brand analysts provide white glove service to our customers.

Responsive and proactive, your dedicated account team regularly reviews your brands and marks across a broad array of sources at your direction. Their many years of experience and continuing education in online brand monitoring and IP protection mean they’re on top of the latest global app stores, marketplaces, and takedown procedures.

Our products are co-created with our customers. Your specific situations are evaluated for their effect on others and rapidly acted upon. Our agile team makes enhancements based on customer feedback as frequently as weekly!

  • Dedicated account team
  • Legal professionals review your program
  • Proactive and responsive
Their service is excellent. They’re always available and so easy to work with.
Rights Protection Manager, Global Entertainment Brand