Modern Brand Protection

Brand abuse has evolved.

Bad actors now launch full marketing campaigns, with multiple consumer touchpoints — just as legitimate marketers do.

Shape-shifting brand abuse networks are increasingly common, designed to evade detection and re-emerge anew if you do identify them.

Brand protection needs to evolve, too. Evolve to meet the needs of the app economy. Evolve to combat systemic brand abuse networks.

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Modern brand protection stat - 1 in every 3
Modern brand protection stat - 1 in every 3
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Our team has focused on protecting brands and intellectual property online since 1999.

One of the first questions we hear from new clients is: where do I start? How can I identify the point of maximum leverage?

They know that systemic brand abuse networks are resilient. Traditional brand protection techniques and technology can’t understand the dynamic nature of these networks. Can’t chart how they grow and evolve.

The key? Modern brand protection. Understand the scope of each network’s operations. Get to its core and disable its operations. Take a holistic approach to enforcement rather than a series of individual enforcement actions.

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Appdetex Tracer®

Modern brand protection stat - 600+ Million

Abuse correlations

Modern brand protection stat - 500+ Million

Websites traced.

Modern brand protection stat - 470+ Million

Abuse signals captured.

The power of Appdetex Tracer®. Our patent-pending investigative technology connects the digital dots automatically. You get to identify the full scope of abuse, abusers, and the criminal networks they rely on.

Tracer makes sure you stay one step ahead of bad actors.

Key highlights

key highlight

Advanced Digital Tracing™.

Detects, analyzes, and correlates the unseen fingerprints left behind by bad actors.

key highlight

Trace Graphs and Trace Tables.

Examine data in graph and tabular formats to aid in investigative research.

key highlight

Multi-channel Correlation.

Correlate both online and offline data to find abuse other providers won’t find.

key highlight


Proprietary scoring algorithms quantify connections and help prioritize where and what to investigate first.

One size does not fit all.

Finally, a more strategic approach to protecting your brand. Get the data and insights you need to set your priorities and optimize your resources.

Realize a higher ROI for your brand protection program. Greater efficiency. Sustained suppression.

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Modern brand protection - end-to-end service

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