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WTR Connect Spring 2021

Appdetex is excited to be a contributing sponsor at this year’s World Trademark Review WTR Connect virtual conference from March 15-19.

WTR Connect offers an array of interactive digital sessions with the world’s leading experts that are purpose-built for trademark and brand protection professionals.

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Friday, March 19, 2021
11:35AM-12:35PM ET

WTR Connect Solution Room
Following the money: when and how to forego takedowns and instead think big picture

In the whack-a-mole online takedown environment, sometimes the best approach is to investigate and trace the source, and use big data analysis to take action against the wider network, rather than default to instant takedown. Appdetex joins other industry experts as they explore when to opt for a more disruptive investigative approach, how and when to work with investigation agencies and the authorities in this effort, and how to identify and take down the infringers hiding behind online anonymity.

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