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Take aim at systemic brand abuse.

Highly-organized bad actors are behind the most insidious and difficult to defeat brand abuse.

Perpetrators use malicious networks and take advantage of multiple digital channels – social, search, mobile – to target your customers and obscure their tracks.

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Big brands. Big targets.

The more recognized the brand, the more targeted the brand. Systemic brand abuse transforms brands from valuable to vulnerable in a matter of clicks.

brand abuse networks

Digital. Disrupted.

Using all the elements of a modern marketing campaign, bad actors employ multiple means to  disrupt your customers’ buying journeys. They construct sophisticated abuse networks using your brand as bait.

Rogue websites are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Up to 25% of confirmed abuse is part of a systemic abuse network.

  • 47% of confirmed infringing mobile apps are related to nodes in a network of abuse.

  • 27% of confirmed abusive domain names are related to other abuse.

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Modern brand protection.

Legacy brand protection providers can find individual instances of abuse but they are unequal to the challenges posed by systemic brand abuse. Identifying and dismantling abuse networks requires a fresh approach driven by real technology and genuine expertise.

Appdetex is the only brand protection provider that can meet the challenge of abusive networks. Our patent-pending Appdetex Tracer® technology and decades of experience are critical in helping you confront organized bad actors.

  • Prioritize brand protection efforts.

  • Dismantle organized bad actors.

  • Fortify litigation evidence.

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