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RegistrarBRAND, LLC, RegistrarGUARD, LLC, RegistrarSECURE, LLC and RegistrarTRUST, LLC
are ICANN-accredited registrars formed in Delaware, and are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Focus IP, Inc.

Correspondence Contact

609 West Main Street, Suite 202
Boise, Idaho 83702 USA
Ph: 1-855-693-3839
Fax: 1-855-780-8991

Registrar Abuse Contact

Ph: 1-855-693-3839

Proxy Service Provider

PriProx Service Inc.
PO Box 6896
Boise, ID 83707 USA
Ph: 1-855-693-3839

Abuse Complaint Procedure

If you suspect that a domain name registered through AppDetex is being used not in accordance with our Domain Name Registration Service agreement, and/or you are from law enforcement, consumer protection, governmental agency and/or authority please report it to us via email:

Emails should, at a minimum, contain a description of the domain name abuse, domain name in question as well as complainant’s contact information. We will review all well-founded reports within 24 hours and respond immediately.

Please include the following:

  1. Domain name in question
  2. Description of the domain name abuse
  3. Your contact information
  4. Identify if you are part of law enforcement

All emails are answered based upon request and/or issue raised in the inquiry. We will provide a response within 24 hours for all well-founded reports of illegal activity submitted by authorized authorities; all necessary action(s) will be taken immediately. Each inquiry is assigned a ticket number for internal purposes. Depending on the nature of the request, we reserve the right to forward your inquiry to the domain name holder and/or relevant law enforcement authorities. All well-founded reports are tracked and saved for 2 years.