Electronics Giant Zaps Counterfeiters


The number of people shopping online has exploded in the past year. While sales through brick-and-mortar stores remain strong, online incentives including competitive pricing, free shipping, and exclusive offers create a digital environment in which brand holders flourish. Unfortunately, legitimate companies aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this new retail landscape, online markets are flooded with cheap knock-offs and counterfeits, creating both consumer and brand confusion.

The Business Challenge:

A global leader in the portable electronics industry was facing a glut of cheaply made knock-off products across multiple online marketplaces. While utilizing a traditional enforcement process to the listings, it was quickly becoming a no-win situation; as soon as one listing was taken down, ten more would pop up. It was spiraling into an out of control scenario and the company stood to lose millions to unscrupulous bad actors.

The Appdetex Solution:

  • AppDetex utilized their proprietary advanced search, and filtering and labeling technology, and were quickly able to identify potentially infringing sellers.
  • Test buys were initiated and questionable products were sent to the brand holder for verification of authenticity.
  • Upon proper identification of fraudulent products, the listings were traced back to larger entities, resulting in a takedown at the top of the chain rather than multiple smaller takedowns of individual listings.
  • The brand holder partnered with customs and border patrol agencies to help identify counterfeit products, resulting in the seizure of the knock-off and counterfeit items before they could reach domestic distribution channels.
  • AppDetex set up a security system, which scans the online marketplaces 24/7 to uncover other sellers that added or used the company’s mark or name on their products. The AppDetex online interface allowed the customer to enter and track as many sellers and brands as necessary to secure the brand’s integrity.