Franchisor Manages Brand Compliance of Franchisee Apps


More than 60% of adult Americans own smartphones today. Of those who use their phones to access the Internet, a full third primarily use their mobile device–not their computer. Companies looking to market their products and increase brand awareness are increasingly encouraging app developers—whether from affiliates or third parties—to use their brands in independent apps targeted at discrete markets under a licensing agreement. Similar to brick-and-mortar brand use agreements, such licenses include specific terms that dictate the obligations of the licensees and define the appropriate use of the company’s intellectual property so that brand equity is not compromised

The Business Challenge:

A large franchisor has several hundred franchisees nationwide. For some time, the franchisor had allowed its franchisees to create apps that distribute information to their local customers and markets with little oversight. The policy counsel of the franchisor wanted to identify and create a monitoring strategy for all of the affiliate apps that had been published by its local franchisees in the app stores. The franchisor’s primary goal was to ensure that all the apps were abiding by the organization’s strict branding policies and guidelines. The policy counsel further desired to be immediately notified in the event of any changes to an app title, description or publisher information displayed in an app store.

The Appdetex Solution

  • The policy counsel, using AppDetex’s proprietary search, advanced search, and filtering and labeling technology, was able to quickly and seamlessly identify relevant apps owned by the franchisees and place them into a “White List” that can be monitored on a daily basis.
  • She was also able to monitor its affiliates’ authorized apps for any changes by adding those apps to a watch list. Anticipating that affiliates would create companion apps for certain upcoming events, the policy counsel monitored its app publishers using the PublisherWatch™ function to reveal when a publisher added or removed apps from the app stores.
  • The policy counsel eventually set up a Brand Track® report, which scans the app stores 24/7 to uncover any other apps that have been added using the company’s mark or name. The AppDetex online interface allows users to enter and track as many apps, publishers, and brands as necessary to secure the brand’s integrity.