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AppDetex WHOIS Requestor System (AWRS)

Managing the complex WHOIS request process with global registrars

WHOIS Requestor Aggregated Statistics

Total Number Registrars Contacted
Total Requests Sent

% of Total by Compliance Status

Compliance StatusCases (%)
Compliant224 (2%)
Pay for Reveal32 (.4%)
Citing Legal Authority1,027 (11%)
Took Irrelevant Action318 (4%)
Requires Additional Action1,477 (16%)
Autoresponse w/o Follow Up567 (6%)
No Response5,396 (60%)

The AppDetex WHOIS Requestor System (AWRS) is built to manage the process of requesting WHOIS records from global registrars. AWRS is a workflow management tool that is designed to send out templated WHOIS requests to targeted domains and capture any responses (or lack thereof) to these requests. Data received is stored in the AWRS and aggregated across the many AppDetex customers (from multiple industries) using the AWRS.

To the extent the non-public WHOIS data does not include accurate or complete information, the AWRS will also facilitate the sending of additional notices or communications with the registrar. Documents can be uploaded and attached to emails. During this entire workflow process, the system will track and maintain a complete record of all correspondence, as well as the date the correspondence is received or sent, among other things.

Source: Data is aggregated across AppDetex clients (in multiple industries) using the system.