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Dr. Wrigley's career in economic development in Idaho and Oregon has spanned both private and public sectors. She served as Director of Client Services for a market research firm, as an account manager for a startup grassroots marketing company, and as a vice president at a public-private non-profit that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses develop ideas and commercialize technology.

Dr. Wrigley has worked as a contractor, consultant and project manager with economic development organizations in the Boise Valley including the Pacific Northwest Economic Development Council’s annual leadership summit (Boise, July 2009), the Rural Sociological Society/Community Development Society’s annual meeting (Boise, July 2011); she also led the planning efforts for the 2013 Go Lead Idaho’s Spring Conference and the 2013 Idaho Working Women’s Symposium. Dr. Wrigley is both an administrator and a professor of economics. She holds a M.S. in economics and a PhD in sociology