We secure the world’s most valued brands.

The brands at the center of culture and innovation turn to us to secure their most valuable asset — customer trust.

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Brands are built on trust.

People need to feel assured that every interaction with your brand is 100% authentic. In today’s digital market, that’s harder than ever to ensure. Scammers find new ways to hijack well-known brands every day — diminishing your brand’s equity, undermining your customer relationships, and costing millions in sales.

Brand, secured.

Appdetex finds and removes threats to your brand online. We watch your back while you focus on building customer trust, increasing sales, customer satisfaction, digital traffic, and brand loyalty.

  • Uncovers unknown bad actors and entire abuse networks and ecosystems
  • Provides a central, comprehensive view of brand abuse across your digital channels
  • Efficiently removes and remediates brand abuse
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Resilient brands start with Appdetex.

Resilient brands are built over time, by building trust and maintaining authentic experiences with each customer. Those customers trust every interaction, in part, because Appdetex removes inauthentic elements and protects the brand experience.

  • Our sophisticated threat mapping technology helps identify and map entire networks employed by bad actors
  • Our managed services team bring experience, subject matter expertise, and a level of professionalism that is second to none
  • Our relationships, legal expertise, and operational expertise allow us to apply our influence across multiple digital channels
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